How to handle the emotional chaos of change

August 2015: I’m in the viewing car, watching the sunrise and clutching a black coffee as the world speeds by my window. All at once, everything I’ve been avoiding hits me. The distance from my friends and family back East, the reality that my ex and I aren’t getting back together, the lack of clarityRead More

On giving up alcohol for a year

  I was 17 the first time I got drunk. K*’s parents were out of town and we threw a huge party at his house. It was awesome. Since then, I’ve spent at least one month each year sober to ensure that the habit is in check (alcoholism runs in my family). In 2015 decidedRead More

Loving yourself is really f***ing hard: here’s how to do it

  July 2012: I’m awake and hung over. Against my will, reality has come crashing back down. I can’t stop my mind or my heart from reciting the facts of my recent past. Three weeks ago my best friend moved away. Two weeks ago E* and I broke up after several years of being together.Read More

Calling my shot…

I’ve been told that it’s a stupid idea to start a single author blog these days. I’ve been told that it’s all about social media, split testing, and sales funnels, rather than content. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t leave speaking, that I’ve got it made. I’ve been told that succeeding online is more aboutRead More