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Depression, anxiety, relationship woes, and unresolved issues from the past can get a tight grip on all of our lives. Together, we’ll work on freeing you from the vice-grip while helping the real you flourish.

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Have you already been in therapy, but are seeking to increase your levels of happiness, connection, confidence, and self-love? We’ll work on optimizing your current and future mental health.

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The dark alchemy of unhappiness

My experience — both professional and personal — has shown me that the reasons we struggle to find happiness are complex. However, they tend to be rooted in a dark alchemy of three factors:

1. Our society is not fundamentally built to help people flourish. It often makes us feel like we are unworthy of the love, respect, and success we crave.

2. We must heal our inner wounds so that we can live fully, yet healing them isn’t always intuitive and often requires help along the way.

3. Our mind’s default settings make it irritatingly easy to feel discontent, sad, anxious, and disconnected.

Fortunately,  we can rewire these settings! As your guide, I will do my best to help you overcome the barriers and obstacles that block you from falling in love with yourself, your life, and your future. 

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Therapy offers a way forward

You may not believe it at the moment, but it is possible to move beyond where you are now. I’ve seen it happen in my own life and have had the privilege of helping others achieve it in theirs. We can overcome the barriers and obstacles that prevent us from living a more satisfying life. There is a strong body of research demonstrating that therapy and mindfulness helps dispel anxiety, cultivate self-love, and heal wounds that had seemed impossible to heal.

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Meet Jason Connell

Welcome. I’m Jason Connell, a licensed therapist and a certified meditation teacher in Denver, CO. My work focuses on the intersection of evidence based psychology, philosophy, and enduring insights from the wisdom traditions. My goal is to use everything that I’ve learned to help you develop self-love and self-compassion. I also hope to help you solve some of the more persistent and challenging problems related to happiness, stress, anxiety, work, relationships, and finding meaning.

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